Navigate the Screencastify extension

The Screencastify extension is very simple to navigate. There are four places within the extension that you'll become familiar with:

  1. Recording Control Panel
  2. Main Menu
  3. Video Page
  4. My Recordings

Recording Control Panel

The Recording Control Panel is the first thing that pops up whenever you open the Screencastify extension. From the Control Panel, you can choose your screencast settings and record your browser tab, entire desktop or webcam. Click here to learn how to record with Screencastify.

Main Menu

You can access the Main Menu by clicking the icon in the Recording Control Panel. From the Main Menu, you can:

  • Manage your account
  • Sign in and out of Screencastify or switch accounts
  • View all of your recordings
  • Customize your extension's options
  • Get help

Video Page

The Video Page automatically loads after you end a recording. From the Video Page, you can:

  • Play back the recording
  • Rename your recording (by clicking on the title of the recording)
  • Edit your recording
  • Save and share your recording (learn more)
  • Export your recording (learn more)
  • Delete your recording


When you delete a Screencastify recording, the recording will also be deleted from your Google Drive.

My Recordings

My Recordings is a library where you can view all of your videos. To access My Recordings, click the  icon in the top right hand corner of the Recording Control Panel or click "My Recordings" in the Main Menu. 

From My Recordings, you can:

  • View the Video Page for each of your recordings
  • Delete your recordings (individually or all at once)
  • View your recordings directly in your Google Drive