Record your webcam

When you record your webcam, Screencastify will capture only what your webcam sees. Nothing on your computer screen will be recorded. 

Here's how to record just your webcam:

  1. Click the extension icon to open up the Recording Control Panel
  2. Select the Webcam Only option
  3. To include audio, enable "Microphone" and choose your audio device. The sound bar next to the microphone icon will light up if it is successfully detecting sound. If it's not, click here to troubleshoot audio issues.
  4. Make sure that Screencastify has detected your webcam and that it shows up in the "Camera" dropdown menu. If it's not, click here to troubleshoot camera issues.
  5. Click "RECORD". A preview window will popup and show you what your webcam is recording. You'll hear a countdown and then your recording will begin.

When Screencastify is recording, a red dot will appear in the extension's icon: screencastify-recording-icon

End a webcam recording

When you're finished recording, click the Screencastify extension icon and click the stop button. You'll then be taken to the Video Page, where you can edit and share your recording.


You can also end your recording by pressing Alt (or Option) + Shift + R.