Annotate a recording

Screencastify provides a handful of annotation tools that you can use during a tab or desktop recording. These tools give you lots of options for customizing and enhancing your screencasts. 

The annotation toolbar

When you start a recording, the annotation toolbar will appear in the bottom left hand corner of your browser tab. This toolbar is where you can toggle each of the annotation tools. 

You can hide this toolbar at any time by clicking the icon or pressing Alt (or Option) + T.

Focus mouse

Click the icon to shine a spotlight on your mouse.


The Focus mouse tool is particular helpful for showing your audience how to navigate a website or perform an action. 

Hide cursor when not moved

When you click the icon to enable this tool, your cursor will not be visible unless it's moving.


Hide your cursor when you're giving a presentation or lecture to minimize distractions and keep your presentation clean.

Show circle on mouse click

Click the icon to show a red circle around your mouse when you click it. This is enabled by default.


Click the icon to enable the pen tool. The pen tool allows you to draw anywhere in your browser tab. After you select this tool, you can select a color. You can also change the thickness of the pen stroke by pressing the up/down arrows on your keyboard.


To return to a regular cursor after you're finished with the pen tool, click the icon.


Click the icon to enable the eraser. You can then erase any drawings you made using the pen tool. When you're finished, click the icon to return to a regular cursor.

Wipe screen

To erase all of your pen drawings with one click, simply click the icon.


To view a timer and keep track of the elapsed time during a recording, click the icon.

Embed Webcam

You can toggle your webcam on and off during a recording.

Click the icon to embed your webcam into a corner of your recording. Click it again to turn your webcam off. 


You must start recording with either the "Microphone" or "Embed Webcam" option enabled to toggle your webcam on and off during a recording.