Embed your webcam into a recording

Screencastify allows you to easily embed your webcam into a tab or desktop recording. This enables you to add a personal touch to your recordings by showing your audience the "face behind the screen". 

Embed your webcam

  1. Click on the Screencastify extension icon to open the Recording Control Panel
  2. Select either the Browser Tab or Desktop recording option
  3. Enable Embed Webcam and select your camera (Not seeing your webcam? Click here for troubleshooting help)
  4. Start a recording. You'll then see your webcam appear on the screen.


Once you start a recording with your webcam embedded, you can drag it anywhere in your tab during the recording or resize it by dragging the corner of the webcam preview. 

Toggle your webcam on and off during a tab recording

You can turn your webcam on and off throughout your recording as much as you like. 

Simply click the icon in your annotation toolbar to toggle your webcam on and off during your recording. Note that your recording must begin with the embedded webcam and/or microphone turned on for this icon to appear in the annotation toolbar.