Share a recording with a Google Drive link

If your Screencastify account is  connected to your Google Drive (highly recommended), you can grab a link to your recording and share it wherever you'd like.

There are two ways to get the Drive link for a recording. The first:

  1. From the Video Page, click the share-icon icon to open sharing options.
  2. Select "Google Drive"
  3. Click GET LINK to generate and reveal the shareable link
  4. Select your desired privacy settings for the recording
  5. Click COPY LINK to copy the link to your clipboard

The second way to get the Drive link for a recording is by simply clicking COPY LINK beneath "Google Drive" in the sidebar of the Video Page. The shareable link to the recording will automatically be copied to your clipboard.


If your Screencastify account is connected to your Google Drive, all of your recordings will automatically be saved in a folder called "Screencastify" in your Drive. 

If you make the entire "Screencastify" folder shareable, then anybody who has a link to that folder will be able to view all of your past and future recordings. 

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