Publish a recording to YouTube

It's easy to publish your recordings directly to YouTube without ever leaving Screencastify.


You must have a YouTube account and channel to publish a video to YouTube in Screencastify.

Publish directly to YouTube

  1. From the Video Page, click the share-icon icon to open sharing options
  2. Select "YouTube"
  3. Connect your YouTube account and allow Screencastify permission to access it. You'll only need to do this once.
  4. Select the YouTube channel you want to publish the recording to
  5. Select your desired privacy setting
  6. Click UPLOAD

You can confirm that your video was successfully uploaded to YouTube in the right sidebar of the video page.

Share your YouTube video

Once your video has been published to YouTube, you can easily grab the link to the video and share it wherever you'd like. Just click the icon next to "YouTube" in the sidebar of the Video Page and the link will automatically be copied to your clipboard.


If you delete a recording in Screencastify that you have already published to YouTube, it will not be deleted from YouTube as well.

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