Switch the tab that's being recorded

When you start a  Browser Tab recording in Screencastify, the Chrome tab that is currently active will be recorded. Even if you switch tabs during the recording, the original tab will continue to be recorded in the background. 

This can be useful if you're giving a presentation and would like to refer to notes or look something up in a separate tab while your audience continues to only see your presentation. 


You can confirm which tab is being recorded by looking for the active-tab-icon icon in the tab at the top of your browser.

You can switch the tab that's being recorded to the new active tab any time during your recording. Note that this feature is not available if you have Hardware Encoding enabled in your options menu.

  1. During your tab recording, switch to the new tab you want to be recorded
  2. Click the Screencastify extension icon
  3. Click "RECORD THIS TAB"


You can also switch the tab that's being recording with a simple keyboard shortcut. During a tab recording, press Alt (or Option) + Shift + F and Screencastify will automatically switch focus to the current tab.

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