I want to change the email associated with my account

It's very easy to change the email associated with your Screencastify account.


If you switch emails, you will not be able to access your existing recordings again in Screencastify (though if your original email's account was connected to Google Drive, your recordings will still be saved there). 

Step 1: Change the email in your Screencastify account

  1. Visit the Licenses page of your account on our website
  2. Under Manage Licenses, change the existing email to your new one and click "Save"

Step 2: Switch accounts in the extension

Now that you've changed the email associated with Screencastify, you'll need to switch the account that you're logged in to the extension with.

  1. Open the extension's Main Menu
  2. Click "Switch Account"
  3. Choose the Google account you want to switch to

And that's it! You'll now be logged in to Screencastify with your new email.