I received a "youtubeAuth failed" or "youtubeCredentialsMissing" error

If you see a "youtubeAuth failed" or "youtubeCredentialsMissing" error when trying to publish a recording to YouTube, Screencastify is unable to connect to your YouTube channel. In most cases, disconnecting and reconnecting your YouTube channel to Screencastify solves this problem.


A YouTube channel (not just a YouTube account) is required in order to publish a Screencastify recording directly to YouTube. Click here for instructions on how to create a YouTube channel.

Step 1: Disconnect your YouTube channel

  1. From the Video Page, click on "Publish to YouTube"
  2. Select the "-" icon next to the YouTube channel you'd like to remove

Step 2: Reconnect your YouTube channel

  1. From the Video Page, click on "Publish to YouTube"
  2. Select "Add Channel"
  3. Connect your YouTube account and allow Screencastify permission to access it

For more instructions on how to publish a video to YouTube,  click here.