Restart your recording

Screencastify makes it easy to restart your recording. This comes in handy when you make an error in a screencast and want to start over quickly instead of finishing the screencast, deleting it, and beginning a new one. 


Restarting your recording will permanently delete your current recording and immediately begin a new one.

You can restart any type of recording (desktop, tab or webcam).

To get started, follow these steps:

  1. During a recording, click our extension icon
  2. Click the Restart button
  3. You will see a confirmation/warning message. Click the box next do "Don't show me this again" to bypass this message in the future.
  4. Click RESTART again

A countdown will then begin (if your countdown is enabled) and a new recording with the same settings will start automatically.

You can restart as many times as you'd like.