Bulk upload email addresses

You can easily bulk assign licenses to a list of email addresses by uploading a CSV file in our license manager.


This is helpful if you'd like to assign licenses to a large subset of your users (high school students, your customer service department). If you want to assign licenses to everyone with an email @yourdomain.com, we recommend setting up a site license instead.

Creating your CSV file

Before uploading, create a spreadsheet containing only one column of valid emails. Headers and columns of other data will be ignored.

If you're using Microsoft Excel, be sure to save the file as a CSV.

If you're using Google Sheets, downloading the file by clicking File --> Download as --> Comma-separated values.

Uploading your CSV file

In our license manager, scroll down to the "Users" table and click Bulk Upload Users. You'll then be presented with two options:

  1. Add to current users. This will append all new emails in your CSV file to your existing list of users. 
  2. Replace all current users. This will permanently delete your existing users and replace them with the emails in your CSV file. 

Then click the "Choose File" button and select your file. Click Upload to finish the process.

When the upload process is complete, you will get a message confirming the number of new users successfully assigned a license from your CSV file. 

If that number is smaller than what you were expecting, the most likely explanation is that some of the emails in your list were invalid. Please double check your list for errors.