Cut and rearrange clips

Cutting and arranging clips is simple when you use the Screencastify video editor. 

Cutting a clip

  1. Click a clip in your timeline to select it. A selected clip will have a thin yellow outline around it. 
  2. Hover your mouse over the clip and move it to wherever you'd like to cut the clip. A live preview will appear above the timeline.
  3. When you reach the frame where you want cut the clip, click once. A vertical grey bar will appear and will hold that spot. 
  4. Click the screencastify-cut-icon scissors icon (or press Cmd/Ctrl B) to cut the clip. 
  5. The original selected clip will now be 2 clips, separated at the frame you selected. 

Rearranging clips

To change the order of the clips in your timeline, simply click on a clip and drag it to its new desired location in the timeline. A vertical pink bar will appear to indicate where the selected clip will be placed.