Allowing webrtc connection to new Editor

Our new editor uses  WebRTC behind the scenes. It's designed to "just work" in most environments.

However, if your organization's network uses very restrictive network filtering (like forced HTTP proxies or a firewall), you or your network administrator might need to set up certain exceptions to make it work.

The easiest way to determine the source of the issue is to try opening our editor on a different internet network. For example, if you are running into connection issues on your school's network, try again when you are at home. If you are able to access on one and not the other, then your network settings will likely need to be adjusted. If you are not able to access the editor on either network, please contact us.

Please allow UDP connections to the hosts below. Alternatively, TCP will work too (same IP addresses / ports), with some performance sacrifices.


If that does not work, please contact us.

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