Create Google Drive comments

You can post, edit and view Google Drive video comments from within the Screencastify extension.

How can I use commenting?

Comments are a great way to share follow-up information, clarify something, or make your video more interactive for your viewers. Here are some ways we at Screencastify use comments:

  • Direct viewers to an external website to get more information after finishing the video
  • Correct or clarify something that may not be 100% clear in the video
  • Ask viewers to post their initial thoughts or questions
  • Ask viewers for feedback on video quality or content

How to post a comment

In the sidebar of the Video Page, you'll see a "Comments" section at the top (as long as your recording has been saved to your Google Drive)

  1. Write your comment in the text box and click "Save"
  2. That's it! View your video on Google Drive and you'll see the comment appear

Posting a comment makes it visible to anyone with the Google Drive link. Comments appear for the entirety of the video and cannot be deleted by viewers (unless they have been granted access to edit the video). 


Comments are not visible when videos are exported, downloaded or shared to YouTube. 

Allowing others to comment

Checking the box next to "Allow others to comment" allows anyone with access to the link to comment on the video. Viewers can also reply to other comments. As the video's owner, you'll be able to see everyone's comments from Screencastify's Video Page.

Edit/delete comments

To edit or delete a comment after it's been posted, click the menu icon on that comment. Note that you can only edit/delete your own comments.

After posting a comment, you can use the menu to edit a comment. 

After posting, you can also use the menu to delete the comment. 

Navigating Comments within Google Drive

  • Comments are visible throughout the entirety of the video (there is no way to have comments appear at a specific time during the video)
  • Comments will show up on the perimeter of the Google Drive video for anyone who has access 
  • Replying to a comment will send a message to the comment's author. Your reply will also be visible to anyone else with the link. 
  • Resolving a comment will delete that comment for you and anyone else.