Failed to Start Recording on MacOS Catalina

The newest version of MacOS, Catalina, requires users to allow screen recording. If you have not enabled screen recording, you will receive a "Failed to Start Recording" error in Screencastify. 

Luckily, allowing screen recordings is a simple process. Here are the necessary steps: 

  1. Navigate to System Preferences
  2. Select Security & Privacy
  3. On the far right, select Privacy
  4. On the left, select Screen Recording
  5. Check the box to the left of Google Chrome 

That's it! You've enabled screen recording on your device and you're ready to continue making amazing videos!

Note: A recent Chrome bug makes it impossible to share your desktop while Chrome is in full-screen mode. We will update here once the bug has been fixed by Chrome developers. As a workaround, desktop screen recording is possible when not in full-screen mode. Additionally, tab and webcam recordings work as normal.