I received a "youtube_quotaExceeded" or "youtube_dailyLimitExceeded" message

If you see a "youtube_quotaExceeded" or "youtube_dailyLimitExceeded" error when trying to publish to YouTube, Screencastify is unable to successfully upload your recording. In most cases, simply attempting to upload the recording again fixes the error. 

Re-Try Publishing to YouTube

  1. From the Video Page, open the sharing options by clicking the share-icon icon
  2. Select "YouTube"
  3. Connect your YouTube account and allow Screencastify permission to access it. You'll only need to do this once.
  4. Select the YouTube channel you want to publish the recording to
  5. Select your desired privacy setting
  6. Click UPLOAD

If publishing to YouTube through the steps above is unhelpful, try manually uploading your video to YouTube. First, you'll need to export your recording as a webm or mp4 file by following the steps here. Then, you'll need to navigate directly to YouTube to upload the video by following the steps here.