Tutorials and Courses

We love making a tool that's easy for all to use, but we also enjoy creating courses to help our users get the most out of Screencastify! 

Master the Screencast

Looking for a run-through of the basics and inspiration for using Screencastify for your classroom? Check out our Master the Screencast Course!

Master Screencaster


Learn how to marry Screencastify with Google Apps as you plan and execute a lesson with our Genius Course! If you're an educator at a Google school, this is the course for you!

Genius Course

Master the Screencast Jr.

The Master the Screencast Junior Course was made exclusively for students, teaching the basics of Screencastify and responsible digital citizenship.

Master the Screencast Jr

Hungry for more?

We've created an entire collection of Classroom Resources with inspiration for educators! Here you'll find even more tips from leading experts, webinars and creative new ways to use Screencastify!